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James A. Garfield DS:
Rare boldly-signed foreign affairs document as president appointing former Confederate general and battlefield adversary
Franklin D. Roosevelt TLS:
The only known communication between FDR and Truman as President and VP in private hands, written just weeks before FDR’s death
John and Jacqueline Kennedy Signed Holiday Card:
Exceptionally rare one-of-a-kind 1963 "Hanukah" card signed by the President and First Lady 48 hours before leaving for Dallas
John Marshall ALS:
Prominent Supreme Court Chief Justice Marshall addresses the fate of mismatched banknotes in important numismatic historical document
Benjamin Franklin DS:
Pristine Revolutionary War bounty land grant beautifully signed by the Founding Father with intact seals
Orville Wright TLS:
Historic letter on the birth of aviation where the famed flier fact-checks information on man’s first flight
Stephen Hawking Signed Book:
Exceedingly rare and virtually unobtainable 1973 signature by the brilliant and famed theoretical physicist with impeccable provenance
Noah Webster Autograph Manuscript:
A rare page from the original draft of Noah Webster's 1828 An American Dictionary of the English Language – the standard reference for American English
Stephen Crane ALS:
Shortly after publishing the great Civil War novel The Red Badge of Courage, Crane pens a rare letter from his upstairs room at "33 East 22nd"
J. D. Salinger TLS:
Extraordinarily rare letter in which the reclusive Salinger discusses Catcher in the Rye nearly 30 years after the American classic’s release
Thomas Pynchon Signed Book:
Especially rare inscribed first edition of his award-winning post-modern epic work Gravity’s Rainbow
Beatles Signed Photograph:
Striking 1961 Marrion portrait from Fab Four’s first professional shoot, signed and inscribed by John, Paul, George, and Pete Best (the band’s original drummer)
Raoul Wallenberg DS:
Rare life-saving Schutz-Pass from World War II hero to rescue a Hungarian Jew from Holocaust horrors
Christa McAuliffe Signed NASA Photograph:
First teacher in space
Prince Charles and Princess Diana signed card:
Pristine 1983 Christmas card inscribed by the Prince of Wales to a close friend and fellow soldier in the Royal Navy
Diana, Princess of Wales Signed Card:
A year before her divorce, Diana sends holiday greeting to her trusted psychic, Rita Rogers
Marilyn Monroe Cut Signature:
2004 Topps Tribute Hall of Fame Baseball Card
Clark Gable Cut Signature:
2004 Topps Tribute Hall of Fame Baseball Card
Elvis Presley Cut Signature:
2005 Topps Pristine Legends Signature Marks Baseball Card
Jack Dempsey Cut Signature:
2005 Topps Pristine Legends Signature Marks Baseball Card
Thomas Edison Cut Signature:
2005 Series 2 Power Brokers Baseball Card